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Open Capital organises its own Internship Program to help top students and graduates bridge the gap between the academic world and the working environment. Our interns work on real-life projects from day one and gain experience in their chosen area of specialisation.

Internships are undoubtedly the best way to make connections, get relevant experience on your CV and get ahead of the competition in your job hunt. Previous successful Open Capital interns have taken full-time positions with companies such as Citibank, Elbrus Capital and more.

Some of Our Previous Interns’ Experience

Name: Nikita Grigoryev
Education: Higher School of Economics

During my time at Open Capital, I have been exposed to a range of different industries and had the opportunity to get involved in deal-making processes at a very deep level. Open Capital has given me the opportunity to transfer the theoretical knowledge I acquired at university into practical work experience that will help immensely in my future career.
Name: Evgeny Shilov
Education: Moscow State University

I really enjoyed my time at Open Capital and found the experience very valuable. I got involved in sectors that really interested me, in particular Consumer Goods and Real Estate. During the internship, I was given the opportunity to build financial models, attend meetings and even travel.
Name: Georgiy Khasabov
Education: Higher School of Economics

I really enjoyed my time at Open Capital. I worked with a very friendly and motivated team, made some useful connections and got to work on things that interested me. With the skills acquired, I went on to run my own business. I highly recommend this internship to anybody looking to learn valuable skills, get exposure and enhance their CV.
Name: Dmitri Belyaev
Education: Higher School of Economics, London School of Economics

Working at Open Capital has allowed me to get on board doing real-life projects and become a unique team member with my own responsibilities. My duty was investor relations, which I always wanted to do, and I got exciting experience presenting projects and negotiating with clients on my own as well as with supervision and support of senior management. The team put their trust in me and this helped me to grow as well as improve my decision-making. Open Capital is a perfect place to make an impact and uncover your potential if you are sincerely up to it.