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The Finally Bulb


We brought together some of the greatest minds in lighting, including the former heads of research at General Electric and Osram Sylvania, for one purpose: to create a true replacement for the incandescent bulb. We worked relentlessly to figure out how to develop the right lighting technology for your home. We also wanted it to be affordable. Using methods we developed at our labs in Massachusetts, we successfully compressed and harnessed the best attributes of the induction process to create a new lighting technology that produces the same warm light as incandescent. And it is both energy-efficient and wallet-friendly.

We call it Acandescence.

The Zircon Group OÜ


The Zircon Group OÜ is one of the leading manufacturers of tools and precision engineering products in the Baltic countries.

The main products of Zircon are moulds for injection moulding and aluminium die casting and all type of dies: progressive dies, cutting dies, bending dies and tungsten carbide precision dies. In addition, Zircon provides design services, conducts repairs, and maintains an extensive customer support infrastructure; Zircon also has the capability to stamp details and produce plastic components through pressure moulding.