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Good Rocket


Good Rocket helps leading US based tech startups launch in Russia and CIS. We take care of local rollouts in exchange for technology support and product know-how. We don`t like the idea of just cloning a successful American company. Shameless cloning is stealing. We prefer to partner with the most ambitious Western startups and help them grow in the Russian market. We clone responsibly.

Cocoface Russia


We know this because we have tried a whole lot of coconuts and coconut water…that’s why we got into this madness in the first place…cos we love coconuts!

Because our coconut water is RAW and completely UNPASTEURISED they are full of flavour and nutrition. The product is picked off the tree, packed, wrapped and shipped across the ocean to you. It is not tampered with or heated and therefore tastes like a coconut should, and is packed with all the magical elements that make coconut water so special.

WoodStick e-cigarettes


“WoodStick” is an innovative brand that uses oxygen-enriched e-juices, making it one of the healthiest ways to quit smoking and minimise its side effects. Offering only the purest ingredients and a rich variety of natural, flavourful aromas to satiate the strongest cravings.

Versus Vape


“Versus Vape” is an e-cigarette brand that was the first to combine an innovative vape-generating Swiss technology with the best quality e-juices from the US and EU. Having only been introduced to the Russian market in 2014, it already enjoys widespread popularity and nationwide distribution thanks to its stylish design, unsurpassed quality and a rich selection of the most delicious aromas.